Besides large number of history sites, there is also colorful nightlife in Beijing. During your visa free Beijing tour, we recommend some famous places to you. There are many nightlife option as following.
MGM International Club
Disco is an important part of nightlife, spending time in a disco place is another way to enjoy, relax and feel Chinese features in this kind of international places.
MGM International Club is a new club that is in the Worker's Stadium. With high DJ platform and awesome lights, there is the most popular music and international dances. The decoration here is luxury, so the price is much expensive than other discos. 
Bar Area Sanlitun
Bar is a major part of modern Beijing and the most famous bar area in Beijing is Sanlitun. With bare floorboard, comfortable red chairs and sleek wooden tables, the decor is simple but refined. Charmingly, the music provides a backdrop rather than a challenge to conversation. Open from 10:00, this is a great place for coffee and Wi-Fi during the day, or a few drinks before heading on to dance.
Party World
As one of the biggest KTV centers in Beijing, Party World features magnificent decoration and high level of service. It has a big database of songs, while most are Chinese songs, and there are English songs as well. Besides, it offers delicious buffet dinner and beverage free. I you do not like Chinese food, you are allowed to bring your own food. 
99 Massage & Spa Center
Massage in Beijing has been welcomed among foreigners due to its good service. Chinese massage has mixed with the traditional Chinese therapies to provide a different nice service that is good for health. 
99 Massage & Spa Center offers massages and other spa treatments such as facials, Aromatic oil massage, Body massage, Foot massage, Brand-new decoration. The service at this spa center is good and the staffs speak English. It is a clean, comfortable and relaxing massage and provides free food, drinks and fruit.
Moreover, Beijing night attracts you from other aspects which you cannot find in the daytime. The word beautiful is not enough to describe the night view of the city. There are more deserves your exploring, such as Tiananmen Square, Water Cube, Wangfujing Street. Most tourists consider they are more beautiful when night comes. These attractions display a totally different world from the daytime. Wish you have a wonderful visa free Beijing tour


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