If you have never had Beijing bike tour, then you can have a try during your 72 hours visa free transit in Beijing. Most people think that bike tour is more interesting than bus tour. Here we well prepared several visa free Beijing bike tour for you. 
Half Day Private Hutong Tour (Biking Tour) from US$ 41/pax
Half Day Private Tour: Hutong (Bike Tour) from US$ 31/pax
Half Day Private Tour: Beijing City Center Bike Tour from US$ 29/pax
Half Day Private Tour: Olympic Stadium (Bike Tour) from US$ 30/pax
Beijing Private Bike Tour: Night View & Night Show from US$ 30/pax
1 Day Tour: Great Wall Bike Tour from US$ 74/pax
Beijing Customized Bike Tour from US$ 47/pax
This world” Hutong” is only used in Beijing and a few northern cities in China. Actually, what we called Hutong just small back streets or lanes of Beijing. 
Nearly all of the buildings in Hutongs are Siheyuan. Standing closely to each other, the Siheyuan are arranged in rows with paths separate between the adjacent rows. A change in a contiguous dry quadrangles formation of a million of alley, alley plots linked plots constitute Beijing Cuba outlook. 
Great Wall
Great Wall is a must see if you have never been to Great Wall. There are many sections of Great Wall in Beijing such as Badaling, Mutianyu, Gubeikou and so on. 
Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and best preserved section of Great Wall. The top floor of Badaling Great Wall is paved orderly and it is suit for hiking. Thousands of tourists are allured by its majestic architecture and splendid scenery. 
Compared with Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall is less busy. Mutianyu Great Wall is not only the most beautiful but also one of the most dangerous parts of Great Wall. Northwestern part of the Mutianyu Great Wall is its essence. Until now, Mutianyu Great Wall is mostly in good condition at present. For those hiking and photograph lovers are more interested in Mutianyu Great Wall. 
Olympic Stadiums
Bird’s Nest and Water Cube are main stadiums for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Water Cube was used as the place where hosted swimming. 
In my opinion, both Bird’s Nest and Water Cube are more beautiful when the night comes. They are totally of a different world in the evening. 
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